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Surely, you’ve may heard about this new game that is trending on social media and everybody is talking about, and now we are going to reveal everything you need to know to dominate Dauntless.

What is Dauntless?

What exactly is Dauntless? Well, Dauntless is a free-to-play action RPG and it falls within the hunting genre, a genre surely a lot of gamers are familiar with. This game is developed by Phoenix Labs and it is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo Switch and mobile users will have to wait a little bit longer.

The playability of Dauntless is simple, you go out, punch beasts and monsters which in this game they are called “Behemoths”, then you collect rewards, farming a lot, make fantasy armor weapons with that farm and then you use your new fine equipment and strength to go and hunt bigger and more powerful Behemoths and so the cycle goes on.

Dauntless takes place into the Shattered Isles, the land populated by these dangerous monsters, Behemoths.

The Behemoths

The Behemoths are going to be your main target or focus in Dauntless, they’re the challenges that await you, the source of the materials needed to craft your awesome and cool gear and weapons and ultimately the things that will keep you coming back for more.

Behemoths are massive hulking beasts that have spread throughout the Shattered Isles and have draw their devastating power from “Aether” which is the energy source that keeps the isles floating. Behemoths consume the land and destroy our home so, that’s where the player as a Slayer come in.

They come in all shapes and sizes and each Behemoth presents a new challenge for you. Also, you need to learn how to read their moves and spare their attacks, and strike when the monster reveals the weakest areas. This is your job as Slayer.

Types of Behemoths

There are 19 types of Behemoths (at present, but they will put new monsters in the future) and each one of them have a specific elemental weakness that players must consider. However, as many of Behemoths are vulnerable to one element, they are strong against other.

The wound damage against Behemoths is going to show up as a  number in red , so in order to do wound damage, you’ll need to puncture the wound of the Behemoth. The War Pike is the best weapon for puncture damage in a wound. So if you have one that meets the monster’s vulnerabilities, your hunt will be much easier.

The War Pike is the only weapon in the game that you can do wound damage to, so you can puncture wound into Behemoths and later once you do enough of that damage to create a whole, Aether will leak out and that’ll allow your entire team to do heavy amounts of damage to that certain body part. There are other weapons that can also partially damage the Behemoths and you can cut some of the body parts, like the tail, the legs or whatever.


Speaking of Weapons, the game currently has six different weapons to choose from. They’re all fight focused, but they have a range of different play styles from quick and fast acts all the way up to slow heavy bludgeoning hits. Briefly, you can choose between:

  • Swords
  • Axe
  • Hammer
  • War Pike
  • Repeaters
  • Chain Blades

We will see in the future a scepter to cure? Or shields for tanking?

The Mastery System

The progression system comes through the gear and weapons you acquire, as opposed to a more traditional leveling system found in typical RPGs. Your character in Dauntless doesn’t get stronger as you progress in the game instead your gear and weapons get better and so to do your skills. So, progression is much more skill and equipment based than anything else.

Compared to other games, the progression system in Dauntless might be a different system than many players are used to in a stereotypical RPG. The progression is kind of a hybrid of a normal RPG and the hunting genre where you fill up a bar and then that allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor to its most powerful version.

All the masteries reserve important rewards for the players as they progress trough their levels. You can increase your mastery level in Slayer, Behemoths and Weapons.

  • Slayer: the mastery in Slayer and its level are the reflection of the achievements the players have made. To raise the level, the player must complete objectives of the mastery system, defeating Behemoths, upgrading weapons and armor and practice with them.
  • Behemoths: the mastery in Behemoths measures the progress of the player by facing the most powerful monsters in the game. To raise the level, hunt Behemoths and create and improve their armors, complete the objectives in Behemoths cards or breaking parts of them.
  • Weapons: this last one mastery measures the skill progress of each one weapon. The mastery levels are independent by each type of weapon. To raise the level of weapons, make them, equip them and practice with them. Although, by doing this, you will raise the level of the types of weapons you have manufactured or with the one you play.

How to start playing Dauntless

Dauntless is a free-to-play third-person action monster hunting game that was launched in 2018 for PC in its beta version. Now since the 21st of May 2019 it is fully released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 with cross play between platforms.

Dauntless it has already over 5 million players and it’s the first game to have cross play between all the consoles where it is available, which is very epic.

The PC version of Dauntless can be downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher. You must register first, download the game and finally look it out on your library. On consoles, just go to the store, type the name of the game on the search bar and download it for free.

Although we will make an extensive guide to download and install the game, for those who have problems.


In the game, there are 7 lanterns, including the recruit’s lantern. Each lantern has a special ability and to craft them the player needs the quest when killing the corresponding behemoth.


Also, in Dauntless there are some objects that are inserted in armors and weapons to make them even better and that’s going to be the cells. It’s a way of increasing the team to give the player better stats, there are 3 different rarities:

  • Points per cell +1 which is  green 
  • Points per cell +2 which is  blue 
  • Points per cell +3 which is  purple 


Armors will protect the player from hits while facing such dangerous creatures as the Behemoths, so is very important that you choose good armors. Some of them have special abilities and with weapons the player must consider the elements of each armor to make the perfect combo together with the weapons.


Currently, there are 6 available exotics in Dauntless with more in development in coming sometime in the near future. The six available exotics are split into three weapons and three helmets.

The helmets are:

  • Tragic Echo
  • Prismatic Grace
  • The Skullforge

The weapons are:

  • The Hunger, which is a sword
  • The Molten Edict, which is a hammer
  • The Goldhand, which is a war pike

All of them have unique looks compared to other weapons and armor, but they also have the look associated with the Behemoth that they originate from. Also, all exotics have unique effects, but do not give any perk bonuses unlike the other weapons or the other pieces of armor.


There are 6 main elements in Dauntless and many of the Behemoths are vulnerable to one of these:

  • Frost
  • Blaze
  • Shock
  • Terra
  • Umbral
  • Radiant

Hunt Pass

Although the game is free, there are hunting passes available that are basically for the battle, you level it up and you get better rewards and better gear. You will have to pay for the hunt pass and get extra items and skins.

When the player login to Dauntless, there will be a message about buying the hunt pass, about $25 USD, and then the player will be able to get some really interesting things like weapons, banners, slayer cores, emotes, rams (which is the common currency of the Shattered Isles), signal flares, crafts, Aetherdust, lanterns, platinum and more.

Besides, getting some extra platinum left over, the player can actually buy tiers which are cosmetic skin items for free that makes the character looks cooler. So, if you like the game and plan on playing a lot, the Hunt Pass it’s worth it.