Cross-Save Dauntless: how to play with your account on another platform

Dauntles, unlike other games, gives us the ability to import our game from any platform to any other where the game is available. This feature, called cross-save, is not present in all games on the market and may be useful depending on the way you play, or your available options.

For example, you may be a PS4 player, but you decide that with the impressive service that the Game Pass gives us, it’s more than logical reason to switch to Xbox One. Can you keep playing with your Dauntless game? Yes, you can.

How to import your Dauntless game into other consoles or PCs

cross save dauntlessThe system couldn’t be simpler, really. All you have to do is create an Epic Games account. Once you’ve done that, link your game account from the source platform (PSN, for example) and the platform where you’re going to play (Xbox Live, to follow the same example).

This way, when you download the game to Xbox One, when you log into your Epic Games account when you launch the game, your game profile will be loaded, maintaining exactly the same progress as in PS4. Obviously, this is not something permanent. When you play PS4 again, or play on PC, logging in will keep all the progress you’ve made even when playing on another platform. So you can always play from wherever you want and keep everything you do.

Obviously, at the moment we can’t guarantee that once the game is available on both Switch and mobile platforms, the system will work the same way. Presumably, while the game is still linked to Epic’s platform, we won’t have any problems with that. We will update the information about this once the game is launched on the Nintendo platform.