Dauntless Damage: types, modifiers and wounds

In Dauntless there are different types of damage that allow us to hurt a behemoth in different ways. Currently there are 4 types (each one indicated by a color) and also modifiers that increase the damage for a few moments.

Elemental damage in dauntless is totally different from the types of damage that we are going to talk about next. The elements are resistances and weaknesses in dauntless that the player has to take advantage of in combats.

Basic damage

The first type of damage that you’ll se most often it is Basic damage. Indicated in numbers in a white color and it is the damage dealt directly to the health of Behemoths. Also, the basic damage is the only one that directly affects the Behemoth health.

dauntless wound damageWhile Stagger, Part and Wound damage do damage in their respective ways, basic damage is the only one that directly affects it. Basic damage also occurs behind the text hidden of Part, Wound and Stagger, so while you’re seeing yellow, red and blue numbers, there is still a percentage of basic damage that is occurring in the background.

The reason why basic damage is so common is once you break a monster’s part off like the tail, the head, knocking a muscle off, breaking its legs, the behemoth will receive much more basic damage. During the beginning of the fight you will se Part damage but once you start breaking that monster parts, then all that damage return to white damage which is Basic and is going directly to the monster’s health.

Part damage

Part damage is the yellow damage type and is used to unbroken parts of a Behemoth. For example: breaking the tail, breaking the head, knocking a muscle, breaking the legs of the Behemoth, all comes from Part damage. Maybe this is the type of damage you will see the most and a lot of the time because pretty much all the weapons do it.

Often with Part damage, once the part of the monster comes off and you break the part off the behavior of the Behemoth will change.

All weapons can cause partial damage, but especially cutting weapons such as sword, axe, war pica and chain blades have a damage increase bonus of +50% partial damage when attacking Behemoth’s tails.

This type of damage does not directly affect the actual health status of a Behemoth, as it is only valid to reach the limit set for a part of the monster to be broken. When that limit is reached, the behemoth will lose the body part.

Stagger Damage

This is the blue-purple damage type, very common with the sword, the axe, chain blades and hammer, allows slayers to stagger or knockdown Behemoths.

As with part damage, there is a minimum damage threshold that must be met in order for the shoot down and behemoth to occur, in this case it will fall to the ground or remain immobile for a few moments. The weapon that causes less damage stagged are the Chain Blades, this is because it does not cause damage staggered when it attacks.

Normally it is better to hit the head of a Behemoth, it causes more wobbly damage than when hitting the legs, but this depends quite a bit on the type of Behemoth. With the hammer, once using it, you’ll see a lot of blue text which is you basically building up Stagger damage to knock the monster over.

Wound Damage

Wound damage is the red text that create wound points on a Behemoth’s body, where part damage can be dealt. You see which basically increases the damage from other sources after the part is wounded.

Slashing weapons: +50% part damage to wounded parts
Blunt weapons: +25% part damage to wounded parts

Wound damage does not affect the Behemoth’s basic health pool.

The War Pike is the best weapon for wound damage in a Behemoth. When this type of damage occurs the Aether comes out of the monster’s wound, and that’s when the amount of part damage, in those injured areas, increases considerably.

Damage Modifiers

The modifiers are basically Perks in the game, these allow you to do more damage to Behemoths and each one in a different way. Some of them are:

  • Aetherhunter: increases the damage against Behemoths charged with Aether.[Min:1.05 – Max:1.5]
  • Desconstruction: bonus damage targeted to objects created by Behemoths.[Min:1.1 – Max:2.0]
  • Knockout King: increases Stagger damage percentage (blue text).[Min:1.05 – Max:1.3]
  • Overpower: increases the damage against staggered or knocked out Behemoths.[Min:1.1 – Max:1.8]
  • Pacifier: increases the Stagger damage against angry Behemoths.[Min:1.1 – Max:1.6]
  • Rage: increases the damage when the player’s health is low.[Min:1.05 – Max:1.25]
  • Ragehunter: increases the damage against angry Behemoths.[Min:1.05 – Max:1.5]
  • Sharpened: increases Part damage percentage (yellow text).[Min:1.05 – Max:1.3]
  • Savagery: increases the damage against the wounded parts.[Min:1.2 – Max:2.0]