Dauntless Lanterns: abilites, materials and crafting

In Dauntless the lanterns are basically additional equipment, which is constantly recharged. It’s designed to complement your style of play, thanks to the active and passive skills and small statistics that provide benefits for your armor. There are 7 lanterns in Dauntless including the recruit’s lantern.

To get better flashlights you need to make them, with the materials you get by killing monsters and completing missions. There are lanterns that are better for defense and others to do more damage to the behemoths.

Recruit’s lantern

The Recruit’s lantern

  • Instant Ability: Grants a 50 hit point shield (doesn’t stack)
  • Hold Ability: Disperses aether that allows the Slayer to track the Behemoth.
  • Cell Slots: None
  • Obtained from: Available from the start.

This one lanterns is the default that you get as a new player in the game. It gives you 2 abilities:

  1. Gives you points of hit shields which you can use to protect yourself, as a new player. By clicking on the lantern button in the game, you will use the instant shield ability with 50 points.
  2. The second skill of the recruiter’s lantern allows you to locate the Behemoth that is on the island, and that you are looking to hunt. To use this ability, you need to hold down on the lantern button so that it activates.

Once it activates, the recruit lantern has a specialty to point in the direction of the Behemoth. The route to the Behemoth is an Aether energy line that points in the direction you must follow. To load the recruiter flashlight, you need to pick up a small lock and you can also load the flashlight doing a lot of damage to the Behemoth.

Drask’s Eye Lantern

The Shrike Lantern

  • Instant Ability: Deal 30% increased damage for 6 seconds.
  • Hold Ability: Fires a lightning bolt in a direction that deals 150 shock damage multiple times as it passes through a Behemoth.
  • Cell Slots: Utility Cell
  • Obtained from: Notes x500, Fractal Eyetooth x1, Electroscale x1, Drask Hide x3, Jagged Sparkscale x2

You can get this by taking out the drask of the Behemoth, once you take him out you get the quest for the Drask lantern from Arken. This one gives you 30% of increased damage on instant for 6 seconds.

The secondary ability kind of gives you a lightning strike, while you are playing, you can see an icon on the top for 6 seconds for 30% attack boost. Then, once this lantern is all charged up, you can use the secondary which does a lightning strike which hits multiple times on a Behemoth.

With the Drask lantern you have the chance to interrupt Behemoths when they’re about to attack you.

Embermane’s Rapture Lantern

Embermane's Rapture Lantern

  • Instant Ability: Attack 30% faster for 8 seconds
  • Hold Ability: Create a fire ball in front of you that explodes after 5 seconds, dealing 850 blaze damage to all nearby Behemoths.
  • Cell Slots: Utility Cell
  • Obtained from: Notes x400, Emberhorn x1, Burning Tailspike x1, Embermane Hide x5, Smoked Dewclaw

Most of the veterans use this lantern, but anyone can use any of it. Embermane Rapture is mainly because it gives a charge on weapons like axes providing as an instant ability 30% attack boost or attack speed boost. Using this ability, with you axe you will see a faster swinging.

After you charge up a lantern for the Embermane’s Rapture, you can kind of create a fireball, which is the secondary ability and after 5 seconds, it blows up. Anything in and around that radius is going to get damaged dealt.

Pangar’s Shine Lantern

Pangar's Shine Lantern

  • Instant Ability: Restore 25% of your maximum stamina.
  • Hold Ability: Create a frost pillar in front of you that deals 960 Frost damage to nearby enemies over 12 seconds.
  • Cell Slots: Utility Cell
  • Obtained from: Notes x600, Frosted Tailplate x1, Icy Browplate x1, Pangar Scale x3, Frozen Hindplate

The Pangar is got by the pangar behemoth defeated. When you defeat the pangar Behemoth, you’ll be getting the option to do this quest to craft the lantern. Secondary ability is what you’re going mainly for in this lantern, because is very good.

First the primary ability that you get is 25% increase in your stamina bar, which is not that much.

The secondary puts up a frost spike in the middle and has a decent radius which does a lot of damage per second. It is probably the highest damage per second dealing lantern in the game and it’s used a lot when people go up against really high-level Behemoths like Rezakiri or Shrowd or especially Blaze Behemoths like Hellion.

Shrike Zeal Lantern

Shrike Zeal Lantern

  • Instant Ability: Move 40% faster for 6 seconds.
  • Hold Ability: Creates an aura that grants nearby Slayers 15% increased move speed and attack speed for 15 seconds.
  • Cell Slots: Utility Cell
  • Obtained from: Notes x200, Torn Shrikefeather x1

It’s very easy to get. It has the instant ability or the primary ability of give you 40% movement speed for 6 seconds. Also, you get a 40% speed boost for running or doing any walking if you want to for only 6 seconds.

The secondary ability give you 15 seconds with 15% speed boost and 15% of attack speed boost as well.

To turn up the primary ability, the speed boost, click on the button of the lantern once.

And holding down the lantern button it will help you use the secondary skill. It creates an aura around you, if any allies are within this radius, they also get the attack speed buff along with you, so, it’s really helpful as a team player also.

Skarn’s Defiance Lantern

Skarn's Defiance Lantern

  • Instant Ability: Grants a 250 hit point shield for 4 seconds.
  • Hold Ability: Surrounds the slayer in swirling stone that deals 900 Terra damage to nearby enemies over 10 seconds.
  • Cell Slots: Utility Cell
  • Obtained from: Notes x200, Rockscale x1

The instant ability for the Skarn’s Defiance lantern gives you 250 hit points of shield.

The difference between this lantern and the Recruit one is that this last one gives you shields but only a time limit on it. The Recruit gives you 50 shields, the Defiance gives you 250 only for 6 seconds.

This lantern also has a secondary ability which kind of gives you swirling stones around you that act like an aura that is protecting you, are made up of Terra stones that do Terra elemental damage on the Behemoths doing a lot of damage per second.

When you go to the island and use your instant ability with your shield, being sure to use it at very crucial moment only when you’re about to get hit, once your lantern is charged you can use the secondary ability. The secondary ability kind of creates a tornado of stones hitting the Behemoth and at the same time protects you.

Koshai’s Bloom Lantern

Koshai's Bloom Lantern

  • Instant Ability: 10% of damage dealt will heal you for 8 seconds.
  • Hold Ability: Dash in a direction, deal 750 Terra damage to nearby behemoths upon arrival.
  • Cell Slots: Utility Cell
  • Obtained from: Notes x800, Aether Thorn x2

Finally, the last lantern. You can get the Koshai’s Bloom after defeating Koshai behemoth and once is done you will get the request from Arken again. He’s going to tell you to go craft the materials for it.

The instant ability turns your weapon in a greenish color, it will start glowing green for 8 seconds, so each hit you do on the Behemoth is going to give you health back but only 10% of the damage that you deal is going to become health/healing.

The secondary ability is that you can use it to dash forward with the help of wind and then do a lot of DPS once you come out of it.