Dauntless Weapons Guide: all weapons, the best and combos

In Dauntless there are available six types of weapons right now, also Dauntless has no RPG classes, but instead it has the incredibly distinct weapons any player chooses to take into battle and it will determine the way how to play.

Which weapon do you need more information about?


Weapon stats

There are 4 ways to do damage to behemoth in dauntless (basic, part, stagger and wound). We already wrote an extensive guide explaining all about the types of damage in dauntless and elemental damage.

In short, the weapons in Dauntless have 3 main statistics that will help us do one type of damage or another:

  • Piercing: red damage is from what you get from attacking a Wound that’s been created from Piercing damage. War Pikes give you extra damage in those wounded areas.
  • Blunt: is the Stagger damage, allows us knocking down Behemoths. The best weapons for this are the Hammers and this is how you knock down a Behemoth.
  • Slashing: yellow text is a Part damage, is specifically done to that limb of the Behemoth in an attempt to break it. This is where slashing weapons like Chain Blades, Repeaters, Axes and Swords shine.

Pros and cons of each Weapon

Weapon Pro Con
Sword +Balanced +Good Damage +Sever +Easy to Play +Interrupting Poor utility without gear
Hammer +Best Stunning +Interrupting +Utility +Higher than Average Damage A bit slow -Cant Sever
Chain Blades +Agile +Sever +Easy to Play A little below average damage
Axe +High Damage +Best Sever +Best Breaking +Good Stunning +Interrupting Very slow -Hardest -Requires knowledge
War Pike +Utility +Wounds +Sever +Interrupting A little below average part damage
Repeaters +Ranged +Utility +Easy to Play +Sever +Breaking Elevated Parts +High Dps Cannot stagger

Table extracted from reddit

Which are the best to start playing?

We have made a small explanation of how to choose the best weapon at the beginning of Dauntless. Little by little you will be able to improve your techniques and in this way you will select the weapon that best suits you. We have taken into account their ease of use, their learning curve and the damage they can do to enemies.

It’s not as easy to use a sword as a spear or an axe, and that’s why it’s necessary for you to know the type of weapons you should use during your first hours at Dauntless.

The Sword

The sword is the simplest type of weapon because it is versatile, flexible and allows you to perform combos quite direct, but very effective. Most existing swords have an average balance with a reasonably fast attack pattern, and can deal extra damage in combos as well as solid damage.

The Axe

It is heavier and slower than the sword, but it causes a lot of damage and is not complicated to handle. However, you must have a good eye for anticipation and patience to chain different consecutive blows.

It is especially ideal for getting certain parts of the Behemoth, due to its enormous hitting power. If you can improve it, you can also use it for long-distance attacks.

The Hammer

It is quite similar to the axe, causing a lot of damage and is also usually fast. It also allows you to get parts of the Behemoth. The fact that it’s a little less recommended for beginners than the axe, is that you have to take into account the character’s stamina bar, since the hammer weighs a lot and you could quickly run out of resistance in big combats (you need to have some experience to handle it). It also allows you to shock enemies because of its enormous power.

The Chain Blades

We’re talking about the fastest weapon in the game but also where you could launch more failed attacks into the air. They allow you to attack both near and far. You could start using the blades when you’ve been enjoying the previous weapons for a few hours.

In order to control this type of weapon, you’ll need a quick handling of the character. The game mode is very fast controlling both long and short distance.

The War Pike

It has a combination of attack characteristics given that it is as big as an axe, as fast as the blades and as efficient as the sword.

This makes it have a very balanced but unbalanced attack pattern at the same time if you don’t have the right experience. It allows you to perform standard attacks such as drilling as well as cutting. If the improvements you can get a loaded attack that could strongly damage the Behemoth.

The Ostian Repeaters

You won’t be able to use them when you start playing Dauntless, first you’ll need to get the mission to unlock the weapon. This is one of the most fun weapons and they are the only full range weapons that allow you to achieve an almost perfect balance between offensive and defensive play.

The only bad thing about them is that they don’t have any special attacks, but if you know how to take advantage of each of their components it could be a weapon to use when you’ve been enjoying Dauntless for a few days now.

Exotics Weapons

In Dauntless exist different weapons (and armours) with exotic level. There are thre exotic weapons:

  • The Hunger which is a Sword
  • The Godhand which is a Hammer
  • The Molten Edict which is a War Pike

Any player can unlock them by Heroic and Heroic+ Patrols and Pursuits. This way you will get the blueprint to make them. Then you will have to get the manufacturing materials and create it.