Common Errors Codes in Dauntless

Due to the unexpected number of players who launch Dauntless on PCs and consoles, errors, problems, error codes and access queues have been and are quite frequent. We want to give you help here in this mini-post “support” that we have created to make bug fixes as fast as possible. For example the well-known “Queen Bee” error.

If you have problems with Dauntless in general, we can recommend the official support page. Here you can search for bugs and get the best help from the official team. However, there are some solutions that can be fixed faster, because these are known system errors.

Error message “Queen Bee” in the queue

dauntless error codeAn error message caused players, especially for the release of Dauntless, a real headache: “Queen Bee”. During the login, an error code appears indicating that the server is saturated . The “Queen Bee” error message shows a large number of players who are supposed to be in the queue in front of you. The result is waiting times of more than 60 minutes.

The unexpected success of Dauntless causes problems and, unfortunately, there is no solution for the “Queen Bee” error. You are in the queue and you just need to be patient until you can get into the servers. Phoenix Labs commented on Twitter as follows:

For service updates, we recommend Dauntless’s official Twitter channel in addition to ours (@Dauntlesswiki). Developers share game updates and servers on a regular basis. Even if there is a queue, you will be informed.

Error code “RateLimited” in the queue

By the way, the error code “RateLimited” may also appear in the course of a queue. This is the somewhat harmless version of “Queen Bee”. You will often notice that the error code between “RateLimited” and “Queen Bee” changes from one side to the other.

Error message “GoldfishMonkey”

If you see an error message with the error code “GoldfishMonkey” The server is currently in service and cannot be accessed. Again, there is no quick fix except patience.

Therefore, check the official Twitter channel, which we linked earlier in the text. Here you will learn when there is server maintenance and when you can play again.

Error message “BonoboArmadillo”

If you have the “BonoboArmadillo” error captured, we probably can no longer help you. You have been banned (in some cases permanent and in others temporary) and you will not get rid of it so quickly. Of course, there are several reasons why you may have had it. For example, for not following the rules in the dauntless chat.

In a post in Dauntless Reddit , a spokesman for Phoenix Labs spoke about the issue and began discussing it with the community.