Dauntless Update: Fortune and Glory (Release Date)

Phoenix Labs has finally announced the new Dauntless update, the upcoming expansion of the free RPG will provide a host of new locations, enemies and equipment for you to visit, fight and acquire.

The update was presented through a very short trailer and, unfortunately, we don’t have a release date; but we can say with certainty that the new update (which will probably come with the new hunting season) will introduce a new hunting area, new NPCs, new weapons, the first small monsters that act as wildlife, for the entire ecosystem of the game and, hopefully, a new Behemoth.

Fortune & Glory

The video has been titled “Fortune & Glory” and so it looks like it’s going to be about “pirates”. In the video we are introduced to a mysterious stranger who arrives in the city of Ramsgate and promises a dignified reward to every adventurer who could face his difficulties.

In addition, the creators show a new island with palm trees, several hippos, monsters that suffered all kinds of mutations capable of controlling the elements and a fun snail. The video also shows a new NPC, a girl with a burning eye.

Since there is not much time left before the start of the season, the details of the update will not take long to arrive.