Dauntless Guide: How to Unlock Ostian Repeaters Weapon

In this guide, we explain how to unlock the guns ostian repeaters, the only type of weapon you don’t get at the start of the game. During and after the tutorial missions, Dauntless encourages us to pick up a beginner’s weapon and hunt down minor Behemoths. All of them are mainly melee, with the exception of one weapon that you can unlock on your own later.

These are the Ostian Repeaters, your first pair of replay pistols in the game. We’ll tell you in advance that they unlock very easily, so don’t worry too much. Once you get them unlocked you can go to our ostian repeaters guide, guns with various builds, combos and tips.

How to Unlock and Upgrade Ostian Repeaters

How to get the guns? To get the guns, the first thing we have to do is progress with Katerin Sorrel, the commander, until we get the main mission “Go forth and slay” which aims to complete a couple of secondary for the Middleman and Bosun, in addition to hunting simple Behemoth.

Immediately after completing this main mission, we will be able to speak with Admiral Janek Zai for a special assignment.

Once we finish this Janek Zai assignment, we will unlock the template to forge the Ostian Repeaters.

started dauntless ostian repeaters

From here, the road gets complicated. The repeating pistols are not improved like the rest of weapons, because it has several parts: barrel, chamber, grip and prism (list of all parts).

Each of them is improved separately. Which are the best? We’ll leave you a guide with several builds so you can try them all. Remember that, in the long run, you also depend on a good use of mods and cells to optimize your equipment.